A Look Back At Country Music

Country music is a genre of pop music that came from the Southern Us in the 1920s. The Vernon Dalhart record “The Wreck of Old 97,” which was released in 1924 is looked at by many as being the first country music song ever made. From that point, country music has evolved throughout the years and continues to be an incredibly popular music form to this very day.

The genre is an intermixture of popular musical styles that has its roots in traditional folk music from the South. Other influences include the many sounds of Nashville, bluegrass, swing, honky tonk, rockabilly and jug band music. CM often contains ballads and dance tunes with typically simple forms and harmonies accompanied by mainly string instruments including banjos, electric and acoustic guitars, dobros and fiddles in addition to harmonicas.

The term country music gained recognition in the middle of the century. It replaced the earlier used term hillbilly music which in turn appeared to give the genre a broader appeal. It came to include music originating from the West which evolved alongside hillbilly music from similar roots. The phrase country music is used today to define many of the subgenres that exist within the music form. CM for some is captivating and for others genuinely revitalizing. Though there are various styles of country music, it remains distinctive in the manner in which its form is done to effect.

There are many examples of songs taken from other music genres that have been recorded within a particular style of country music. One of the exceptional examples regarding this is the country style recordings of the song “Milk Cow Blues”. This is a blues tune that was originally composed by Kokomo Arnold in 1934. Prominent singers like Willie Nelson and George Strait along with a handful of rock stars have all sung their own covers of “Milk Cow Blues” to much acclaim.

Some of the famous country music singers who played a vital role in its popularity, include Wille Nelson and George Strait. It is their music that has led their followers to become mesmerized by the rhythms and the arrangement of the chords. To add more grandeur to the music form, singers like Riley Pucket and Charlie Poole have joined the country western scene rendering it all the more popular.

Since 2009, country music was the most heard rush hour radio genre during the evening commute, and second most popular in the morning commute in the USA. It continues to reach new heights of success and popularity. As of today, the allure of country music remains unscathed and it appears to be a music form that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.